New Deal Now

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New Deal Now

New Deal Now

Full Moon, January 28, 2021


Tonight, right now, the moon is an avocado,

a silken green tornado in black skin

ready to remake the world in brilliance—


a giant seed round with lifeforce,

the moon goes to Washington

the moon beams Andromeda

the moon is a face of the goddess

the moon queers celestial spaces

& upsets separate & unequal traces—


it may be best to go naked in your body tonight

right now & eat the pleasure slow

there is lunar organizing to be done tomorrow

truthtelling, courageous seeing,

somatic demos & spirit ethos:

liberté, égalité, parenté

kinfolk at the potlatch—


let pleasure howl around a while

& blessed moments continue

to accrue & resound in high style—


in suchness there are necessary details,

there is real ugly history

there are elemental earth forces & dreamtime assists

all is present now—we say: down in the flood

it’s gonna be our fault if we don’t rise up

witness the moon of integrity & magic

contribute to the flourishing of love culture

glow from within ourselves

& devote illumination

to all others, our mothers,

furthering the project

of looking up & feeling down:

connections in all directions—



Poem by Qayyum Johnson




Painting by Suiko McCall. She Who Holds All Eggs, 2020. Beets, henna, wild grape, and fire circle charcoal on paper, 14×11″. suiko.art


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