New Moon in June

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New Moon in June

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This guest blog post is written by our fabulous worktrader and one-woman show creator & performer, Emily Bold.

This new moon ushers us into June: summer and warmth. I’ve been spending time in the garden this week, planting and tending new life. As I write, my hands have remnants of the earth on them which is a reminder that we are creatures of this earth, co-creators of this cyclical planet. June 3rd’s new moon brings us another transition.  

Things planted are now starting to bloom. What seeds did you plant this past month? Think back to January and the winter months. Cold and stiff for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere. What was happening during those months? What was uncomfortable or painful? What were the teachings from those months?

This new moon brings us relief, joy, and exclamation as we are called to begin the work of honoring those lessons. Release what is not your burden that you’ve been holding onto. Say no to what feels heavy. Say yes to what feels unknown yet aligned. Take up space as you grow this season, just like the sugar snap peas in the garden that will grow eight feet tall! But be gentle: new life, new lessons must be tended with care. The sugar snap peas need a lattice to help them grow upward. Where might you ask for help? And remember, as the pea plant grows and expands magnificently, it is rooted. Its root system grows deeper in the ground as it gloriously grows ever upward. And so it must be with us.

Part of your expansion this month may be inward: cultivating your meditation practice, journaling, tuning into your body, stretching, yoga, receiving reiki, balancing your chakras, connecting with your witchy self. This rooting will help you expand upward in a sustainable way that is in alignment with the desires of your soul. Tune into yourself, your body, before you say yes to external requests, social invitations, or work commitments this month. With warmer weather and longer days, you may feel energized, but remember your perfect and necessary balance. The expanding should be in relationship with the rooting. And the expanding should always be in service to your calling, your values, and your heart desires. Be mindful not to take on someone else’s heart desires while ignoring your own. 

Listen to your heart.

Heed the wisdom of the body.

Take comfort in the ever expansive sky this new moon.

Be wild and well and free. 

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