New Moon of Open Eyes

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New Moon of Open Eyes

The New Moon is Tuesday, March 24, 2020.


New Moon of March
Of staying close to the hearth
Of deep fear and unknowns
Of the turning toward spring

New Moon of Grief
Of wanting to help
Of not knowing what to do
Of crying at night

New Moon of Letting Go
Of plans for the future
Of the same old patterns
Of telling lies about certainty

New Moon of Open Eyes
To see the pain of the world
To listen to the call
To better know the guiding stars

New Moon of Birth
To embrace the dark passage
To be willing to transform
To listen for the cry, the breath of new life,

as her lungs greet the cold air for the first time of thousands. 



Text by Neva Cockrell

Painting by Suiko McCall — suiko.art

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