No Time To Lose Moon

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No Time To Lose Moon

No Time To Lose Moon

Full Moon  November 18, 2021


I don’t want to die & don’t want to be reborn forever

can’t live the way it was & can’t touch the bottom of the future

like a giant catfish or a nine foot sturgeon ten hundred years old

desire occupies the current below the deep


Scenario: no more longing


Imagine I am grateful to everyone for everything.

Tears moisten my face.

I make eye contact & hold the hand of suffering.

Life seems to glisten like a newborn.


This season drive all blame into one blaze.

Herd the feral mustangs, recognize causality.


One hot fire.


Who is the one you call yourself

during these long moonlit nights

wandering this living earth?

Are you not everyone,

is everything not you?


Settle—after wildness & close inspection.

Water naturally clears absent agitation.

Mind swims on. Do one thing fully.


Poem: no more longing


A gift-giving river

death a promise

all open & lucid & bright



Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. Inhale & Exhale II, 2013. Sumi ink on Yupo, 20×10″ diptych.

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