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Above photo by the YoungMaster

The biggest major news around here is that we decided to take a day off… consistently. Yes, that’s right. We’re not going to work on Sundays anymore. It’s the day of rest, after all.
So what did we do on our very first day off? Well, Mystophur and I worked in the morning (it’s a tough habit to quit), and then we all harvested olives!

The first thing we did was put on outfits. You have to look like you’re at least trying to be rustico.

Step two: consult the other (equally un-knowledgeable) people around you. Do we take the green ones? What’s the difference between the big ones and the little ones? Do we leave behind the ones with holes?

We each developed our own way (amazing how opinionated we all were, and soon after that, competitive).

Who’s crazy about olives?

The pace picked up when Mystophur set up the sound system to blast Meatloaf. That’s when we really started to go for it.

The more we harvested the more invested we became. We began to realize how many olives were on just one tree: all six of us picked on the same tree for almost three hours and it got dark before all the olives came down.

All photos below by the YoungMaster

Josie came out to help too. She even climbed a couple trees to show us where the good stuff was.

When it just was no longer reasonable to be picking we stopped. The next day Bammers and the YoungMaster took our beautiful giant bucket to the local olive oil fella, who will press your olives while you wait. You can pay for the service by giving him a cut of the olives. He giggled a bit that we had brought him about 1/9th of the minimum, but he saw how excited we were and pressed them anyway. And then he complemented how few leaves were mixed in with our olives (we take this to mean we could probably be a lot rougher with harvesting next time).

The fruits of our labor: delicious!

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