Open Axis Moon

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Open Axis Moon

Open Axis Moon

Full Moon  September 20, 2021


we go among rotational elements

like family entwined in vetch

using language dusklit & polyamorous

the luminous enters midway, again


a sea of grass susurration, a few rocks

on the green slope, the glissando of water

an underground laughter, the pre-deceased

hold many small bells made by no hands

their multitudes like siblings in a blind reunion

who have long moved to outer barren islands

carried by clouds fragrant with datura


they say things without looking

from the place that has no edges


just keep along the windward side

until the coast runs out


dig a deep hole in great darkness

with fingers & eyes, earth & sky


sit in place

moon bright

bison clouds swift

all things come

so terrible beginning

a tender beauty

to live like this

in junction    joined     perplexed


in our hot axle

ever turning empty

while each one shines

darkens            shines again


cold rolled around a sun




Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko McCall. Five Flavored Herb, 2018. Ink on paper, 12×11″. Original in a private collection. Prints available at suiko.art.

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