Our Invisible, Crazy Hearts Moon

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Our Invisible, Crazy Hearts Moon

Our Invisible, Crazy Hearts Moon

New Moon  January 11, 2024

Mostly you don’t see the moon in a city

So a new moon is a double-blind bind

An experiment in lunacy for lunatics

Imagine all the pollution, poverty & injustice

That you perceive become thin stars

While the new moon that you cannot see

Swells infinitely filling everything

Else with dark matter.

Now blessed by the uncanny weird

Able to see both the known & the unknown,

You are left with the unspeakable feeling

Of being intimately mixed up in a great matter

Whether it is clear to you or not

Today, tonight & tomorrow

Will come beating for you from deep within

And what will you do then?

Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall. The Vital Path, 2023. Ink on paper, diptych 72×30″

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