Peripatetic Moon

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Peripatetic Moon

Peripatetic Moon

solvitur ambulando –


Full Moon  February 27, 2021


moon of moments:
orange carp glistening in a leap free of water
crying of foxes just before dawn in July
scissor-tailed flycatcher in repose
vole in snow tunnel untouched by wind
a white pine falls lifting a halo of earth onto its side

there is the gait of it, opening: intention
there is no action without it, no movement
free of an orientation to self & other
standing, sitting, lying down, walking

momentary moon:
snapshots of fragments half-remembered
garden of black seeded sunflower nimbus
laughter from the naked bottom of the river
pirouetting like a cloud on the longest day
marriage of the sun & moon
firelight, beeswax, pearjuice

all day tree shadows crawl on snow
walking out their dark choices

newly visible nest among thin winter limbs—
a high-up haven of annual grandeur
vulnerable, exposed & hidden as the heart

walking in wind
the practical way
to touch the sky

Poem by Qayyum Johnson
Visual art by Suiko McCall. Momentary Moon, 2021. Cut paper and mushroom spores on paper, 5×7″. suiko.art

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