Prayer Moon

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Prayer Moon

Prayer Moon


New Moon  March 13, 2021


Forgive us our monthly trespass, rousing

carousing in blind arousal, grappling

in the above for handholds, confirming

a message in the middle of below, arising

after nimble thimbleful sip of sumac, simple syruping

play of fire & shadow upon the eyes, roving

outward we imagine spirits dissipating, beyonding

a crisp beech carapace emptied of heat, dry-chiming

desert fish coppered in heat-rayed canyon, streaming

toward headlands high spots, gateways, opening.




Poem by Qayyum Johnson
Painting by Suiko McCall. The One Taste, 2019. Ink on paper printed on metal, 12×9″. suiko.art 


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