“Prime” gets written up in UAE’s The National

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“In September, 10 artists from around the world retreated to an abandoned historic monastery in Abruzzo, in Central Italy, to brainstorm for a contemporary touring piece.

The team of theatre directors, performers choreographers, writers and composers – led by Neva Cockrell and Raphael Sacks, co-founders of the New York- and Dubai-based collective Loom Ensemble – shared everything from meals to personal experiences during their month of seclusion. This interaction developed into Prime, an interdisciplinary two-person production about a couple exploring their relationship.

The production, created in collaboration with The Art Monastery Project, incorporates recordings from the team’s time cooking together, and props include rocks from the monastery and figs gathered from the Italian countryside.

Prime was staged in Europe and the United States last year and the team will be in Dubai for a month, with performances at thejamjar every weekend starting today.”

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