Pristine Performance Moon

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Pristine Performance Moon

Pristine Performance Moon


New Moon   January 2, 2021


Light the light

pass it on

give it away

recognize it in others

this this

just this moment


we will grow old

we shall die

let’s light the light

walk naturally

smile easily

relish breath

go wide open

be like the horizon

a clear spring

of pure water

all the world

in your mind

are we patient?

are we kind?

can we be?

& see stardust

trailing like karma

burned up



& caretake every seed in winter—

for what is perfumed

in consciousness

may be performed by skylight

for an indivisible body




Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. Already Correctly Transmitted, 2021. Ink on Yupo, 12.5×9.5″. 


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