Remember She Said Moon

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Remember She Said Moon

Remember She Said Moon

Full Solstice Moon  June 22, 2024

Let this morning bird song interrupt confusion

The way a hammerdrill or freeway captivates

A certain part of one’s attention when praying

Trills of notes that mimic flight carry skyward

The banner of courageous humility

Known as the face of ordinariness

This air song flies through solid things

Because it is not bound by human constraints

A song devours the devil leaving blue behind

May this sparrow or thrush or quail

Be the chickadee of coming out of bondage

Let the gray light evaporate

Exhaled like a sad dream of hard labor

This feather of song is for tomorrow

It can only be enjoyed now however

So please let thinking & analyzing cease

Exhale as the jet scrubs those curly clouds

When the coast is clear again

Follow coyote brush to salt grasses

Sit still for the song & let it be you

Fill you with you in renewed appreciation

All the parts of life coiled here

Like a snake of green hose

By yourself at peace with everything

Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. It can only be enjoyed now, 2022. Prints available upon request.

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