Reparations Moon

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Reparations Moon

New Moon November 2019

Reparations Moon

Breathing space

to invite

an accounting

of how blank, bare & bleak

a life lived

only for oneself


No light at night

makes for clear mourning:

all the loss

made spacious & glittering,

at rest in stars

& dark music

Gone Moon of Reparations:

may it birth

radical renunciation

of unearned, unasked-for


in favor of the tartness

& surprising pleasure

of repairing

Winter Moon of Amends:

rivers freeze over

inviting us to walk

in other lives for a spell,

to seek the good

that is good for all—

not the plundered alone,

but hallow medicine

for recipients of the ill-got


Beginning Moon


smaller than parts

greater than inequality

New moon ceremonies—

start with land acknowledgment

sing-praise the elements

invoke upright ancestors

(in both directions)

dispel fear

into a circle

of love

of actual bodies

New Moon Both/And Culture


imagines out—

ambiguity, evolution


roots down

New Moon Fruition

& intention/aspiration:

honoring transit

sowing nurturance seeds

voicing alternatives

imagining futures

Hidden Brilliance:

privilege reckoned

entirely whole

privilege repaired

privilege a universal right

to be new

under a moon

of each one’s



so all may sing

& dance


sans fear

of loss or safety

May we work

in each of our ways

to make it so—


text by Qayyum Johnson

painting by Suiko McCall. Move and You Are Trapped, 2019. Ink on paper mounted on panel, 12×12″.

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