Residency in Puglia!

Residency in Puglia!

This spring, Artmonks Betsy McCall, Charles Darius, and Liz Maxwell are heading south to Puglia (rhymes with “Julia”), the south-easternmost tip of Italy. Specifically, we’ll be moving to Lecce for April, May, and June to do an artistic residency and embark on a new collaboration with L’Accademia del Rinascimento Mediterraneo (Academy of the Mediterranean Renaissance).

The residency is a chance for the core Artmonk team to focus inwards, devise new collaborative artistic possibilities (ideas are brewing about creating multimedia performance installations and leading wordless group singing improvisations),  and explore long-term partnerships with the local community.

Throughout the residency period, the Artmonks will present five events entitled Incontro Art Monastico (Art Monastic Encounter) that will serve as meeting points for the Artmonks with the community in this new region of Italy. Each event will be composed of the three pillars of the Art Monastery: Contemplation (a participatory exploration including all event attendees), Creativity (a performance or installation by the Artmonks), and Community (an informal get-to-know-you session with the audience over wine and snacks).

Read more about L’Accademia in English, or on the official Accademia del Rinascimento website (in Italian). Also, check out our updated Location page!

Stay tuned for updates about the residency and the results of our new artistic explorations.


Where in the world will the Artmonks be? lecce-map
























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