Retreat + Residency Combo Platter

Retreat + Residency Combo Platter

The Inside Scoop on the

Artmonk Retreat & Silent Art Residency

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What’s the difference?

What’s the right program for me?

Both of these programs are weeklong, silent programs that offer a chance for contemplative practice as well as creative practice.

So how do you choose? Let’s talk about it.

First, we have scheduled them so that you can attend both one after the next without interruption. We believe this is the BEST option in order to deepen both your contemplative practice and your creative practice. If you can only come to one, then….

The Artmonk Retreat, is a structured meditation retreat with time for solo creative practice each day. During the Artmonk Retreat we will spend 4 to 6 hours a day in silent seated meditation and walking meditation. There will be meditation instruction, some guided meditations, and dharma talks. Each day there are 2 to 4 hours of scheduled creative practice. Some of this creative time will be guided and other periods will be open creative practice time.

The Silent Art Residency is a silent artist residency. That means you will have all day every day to work on your solo creative project as much as you like. Each day there are optional structured activities intended to support your creative work, including group meditation, guided hikes, yoga/movement classes, and meals — but you are free to work on your own schedule.


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Artmonk Retreat

Silent Art Residency

July 14-20

July 22-27

more structured
less structured
4-6 hours/day meditation
1-2 hours/day meditation
2-4 hours/day creative practice
6-10 hours/day creative practice
some guided creative exercises
entirely unstructured creative time
opt-in for yoga, hikes & meals
opt-in for yoga, hikes & meals

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Save $100 when you register for both.

Save $50 when you sleep in a tent.

Upgrade to a solo room for an additional $50.


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