Rhymes with Julia

Rhymes with Julia

We have arrived in Puglia, the southern most tip of the heel of the boot!



First thing first: get oriented. In this case that means go to the beach!

Second thing: have lunch with our wonderful hosts in their unbelievable backyard.


This is the view from our rooftop terrace, looking down on our hosts’ outdoor dining room. Beyond the stone wall, you can see the tennis court and soccer fields. The mornings here are a chorus of songbirds, the evenings a chorus of soccer players.

We asked Sylvia, lady of the house, how many cats they have. She thought for a moment and said, “Tenish. We used to have closer to thirty.” There’s also a big old awesome dog, a few chickens, and abundant gardens.

It’s all a bit surreal still. Stay tuned for more updates.

For more about what the heck we’re doing here, take a look at Liz’s post.

For more about the area, visit our Location page.



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