Shadow Blessings Moon

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Shadow Blessings Moon

Shadow Blessings Moon

Full Moon  December 18, 2021

What a blessing to have a moon.

What a blessing to have a celestial body

that moves & changes every moment

just like us, just like us.

Right now I do not know anything.

It is daylight & the white-blue horizon

hosts an atmosphere of wind

out of air, space; in to air, space.

I see & feel proof of unimaginable blessings—

& also my fear, a small complexity of shadow

stippled & hunkered beneath a lime tree

decorated in fruit & spider silk.

The yearning for something true

three white egrets

in & out of view

seed-heavy grasses waving below.

The blessing of the moon

calls us out of the self-bound labyrinth,

to contrast the light of awareness

with shadows of insight.

Remember the moon is there, that’s good.

And also go into the dark outside tonight. Bless yourself.

A simple plan for an innocent fool

to set the small identity aside:

Make a date with the sky.

The blessing of continuance.

The blessing of fertile absence.

The blessing of ceaseless transformation.

Belonging to both light & the shadow cast.

Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko McCall. You Cannot Hinder Enlightenment, 2021. Ink on Yupo, 9.5 x 9″. Available at suiko.art.

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