Shekinah Blossom Moon

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Shekinah Blossom Moon

Shekinah Blossom Moon

Full Moon  May 5, 2023


The music comes, stays & goes

Melody the presence

Melody of Afro-Caribbean music

Melodies that are missed & recalled, known & unknown

Melody the manifestation of the pragmatic ineffable

Melodies now from dawnlight, a chant of windchime, a mantra of grace

Melody of shoreline shushing, aspirating, dissipating into clarity

Melody of a human body: strong heart drum, peace-maker

Melody that harmonizes, gives birth, caretakes, signals divine

Melody in the smiling eyes of others, the melody of warmth

Melody of photographs of moments that become paintings

Melody without music, the shapenotes of space

Melody that brings the distant near

Melody of female friendship, the first cosmos

Melody of grandmothers, sisters, daughters, motherhood the rain

Melody of spring ferns, summer tomatoes, autumn cascades, winter sun

Melody of giving more & giving & giving again & sending beauty onward

Melody an ancient sequence of improvisation that heals the pain of death

Melodies of youth, melodies of growth, melodies of aging

Melody the dancer, melody that induces the dance

Melody of silence, full & empty

Melody of absence dwelling

Holy song of love’s face

Abiding Shekinah

Open, open


Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall. “Shekinah Blossom Moon“, 2023. Ink on paper, 12×12”.

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