Short Film: Directions Practice

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Short Film: Directions Practice

Here comes another film (second in a series of five)! This one is even nearer to my heart because it presents an Art Monastery original: Directions Practice.

Directions Practice was developed by Neva Cockrell and me, inspired by Tai Chi forms and the Cherokee prayer dance called the Dance of the Directions that we learned from Joel & Michelle Levey at oh so many Artmonk Retreats. This non-strenuous series of movements is balancing and connecting.

The practice consists of doing a series of movements in repetition, facing each cardinal direction in turn, and moving through the full cycle 3 times (or more). The video is 6 minutes long but the full practice takes about 15 minutes. You can watch the video to get a feel for the movements and then download the audio version, which is pared down to just describing the movements. (The idea with the audio is that you can play the audio file on repeat for guidance as you rotate through each of the directions.)

For a more detailed explanation and for the audio download , check out our free database: http://www.hostingtransformation.eu/methode/cycles-dance/

I created the film with the excellent assistance of Artmonk Keith Lim on the camera and as part of the project Hosting Social Innovation with the support of my awesome European collaborators:

Academy for Visionautics (Germany) – visionautik.de
Art Monastery (Italy) – artmonastery.org
plenum (Austria) – plenum.at
Sendzimir Foundation (Poland) – sendzimir.org.pl

This project was made possible with generous support from Erasmus+.


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