Starting Over Moon

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Starting Over Moon

Starting Over Moon

Full Moon  January 17, 2022

Where there is an ocean there is a moon

For an eye, a whale, cloud or shadow.

The wind, a vessel of grass to tousle.

For grief, a body to be held.

Where there is a question, another question.

In parting, a map & key.

For loneliness, there is an other.

To say goodbye, a greeting.

For fullness, a generative space.

Why does life go on, asking birds.

The moon moves the ocean,

the ocean knows the moon.

A sea of grass, a river of tears,

a brackish heart, a tended garden,

a closet of feelings, a blanket wish—

when someone suffers, show them

radiance flowering in muddy water.

Where there is so much fruit,

there are seeds, earth, sun.

Where we go, we go, we go.

For calling, an echo calling back.

Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall. The Moon does not get Wet, nor is the Water Broken, 2021. Ink on Yupo, 9.5×10″

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