Summer 2016: Paradise

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Summer 2016: Paradise

This summer marked the Art Monastery’s first summer Lab in the USA.

I would say the one of the most commonly uttered words when talking about the place and our time in Vermont was paradise.

That’s a good sign, right?

One wonderful element was the fabulous Scottish cinematographer Gerry McCulloch, (who came to continue our collaboration — a video installation exploring the human experience through sustained eye contact — more on that as it develops) created the following series of images as part of his residency this summer. This series was captured during one of our morning meditations under the pear tree.



Pear Tree 1

Pear Tree 2

Pear Tree 3

Pear Tree 4

Pear Tree 5

Pear Tree 6

Pear Tree 7

Pear Tree 8

Pear Tree 9

Pear Tree 10

Pear Tree 11

Pear Tree 12

Pear Tree 13

Pear Tree 14

Pear tree 15

Pear Tree 16

Pear Tree 17

Pear Tree 18

Pear Tree 19Pear Tree 20

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