Summer Newsletter: Artmonks Move to America

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Summer Newsletter: Artmonks Move to America

We have much to report in this newsletter. A new book, moving our headquarters to the US, taking an organizational breather, saying farewell to a dear team member who is off to pursue her dreams… so much change.

The book is published!

Executive Director Betsy McCall, one of the book’s editors and designers, writes:

“On July 1, 2013, at one of the world’s most ecologically responsible printing presses, the International Partnership for Transformative Learning published a book. I had the honor of editing this book, along with my partner in project management Joos van den Dool. Together, we did all the layouts and edits, as well as writing our own sections of the book. I reveled in creating illustrations, digital collages, and paintings, particularly for the covers.

“The idea behind the book is for changemakers throughout Europe to share their personal experiences of transformation and offer them up in a humble and hopeful way, as an invitation to the reader to host their own transformation.

A Book Release Party in the Bay Area is in the works. To help organize, contact emma@artmonastery.org.

Thank you for your support!


Hosting Transformation: Stories from the Edge of Changemaking

Edited and Illustrated by Art Monastery Co-Founder Betsy McCall

Available this fall! Pre-order now by sending $23 (shipping & handling included) to donations@artmonastery.org (viapaypal.com), or by check to 207 Andover St. San Francisco, CA 94708.

Moving AMP HQ to the US of A

In so many ways, it feels like a liminal year for the project. As of the end of July, the Art Monastery is headquartered in San Francisco! After many years in Italy, the team has decided to focus on US-based programs and development efforts, although it is almost certain that projects will take us to Italy again in the future. We can’t stand to be away from that marvelous place for long.

From Calvi dell’Umbria to Labro to Lecce in Puglia…

In the Casa del Popolo, Casale Santa Brigida, Colle di Costa, and at the Accademia del Rinascimento Mediterraneo…

These gorgeous places we have called home. Un abbraccio forte, Italia!

Taking an Organizational Breather

We’re excited about what’s next, but we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves Artmonks if we didn’t know how to press pause on life. For the next few months, we’re putting the organization into a much needed hibernation while we slow down, regenerate, and mostly… breathe. Even 501c3’s need to go on retreat sometimes.

The fact that we’re investigating the liminal Laudes Matutinae ritual this year feels like a sign that it’s time to rest and renew. We’ll see you all on the other side, just in time for sunrise and Prime.


Farewell, and Thank You, Lizzie Max!

“I’ve spent long nights in monasteries.

More than three years, in fact. 

I left the world, And became a monk, 

Because I had some things to work out…”

With a heart-wide-open poem and blog post, our dear Liz Maxwell steps down as Artistic Director of the Art Monastery Project. “Being an Artmonk has allowed me the opportunity to live an amazing life filled with art, intentionality, and true community,” she writes. “The challenges of living day in and day out in community have carved me into a new being, and ironically only because I have been through the fire of the Art Monastery am I now ready to leave the Art Monastery. Artistically, I have been pushed, challenged, and encouraged.”

Anyone who has worked with her on stage or in an office, or who has shared a meal or a walk with her, knows how immense Liz’s heart and vision are, and that she’s on her way to do some amazing things in the world. Look out, New York… (And take a look at her new website!)

From all of us, THANK YOU, LIZ, for your artistic integrity, your intelligence, passion, and creativity, your countless hours of service to the Art Monastery Project… and for being such a clear transmission of what it means to be an Artmonk. We will miss you.

Here you go, Lizzie Max.

Lots of love,The Art Monastery Project Team


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