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Help the Art Monastery touch volunteers like Lizzy Laurance!

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Lizzy Laurance



Art Monastery Italia

Summer 2011


United Kingdom

Current home

Brighton (UK)


Student at

University of Sussex

(English Literature)


Music ~ guitar, flute, voice

Art ~ printmaking

You can participate

by making a 100% tax-deductible donation

via Paypal

or by mailing a check

made payable to

Gli Amici dell’Art Monastery” to

Art Monastery

804 South Lincoln St

Bloomington,  IN  47401



“I realize everything I do can be art.”

When British musician, artist, and college student Lizzy Laurence came to Art Monastery Italia as a volunteer this summer, she thought she knew what to expect.

“I pictured you all shut up in your little chambers wearing robes and painting the night away,” she said.

Instead, she found a vibrant community of artists and administrators, chefs and carpenters, musicians and meditators, all aiming to apply contemplation and creativity to all parts of their lives, no matter the task – or the outfit.

And she quickly got involved. During her three weeks in central Italy, Lizzy helped cook meals for 15 people, tend tomato and herb gardens, level the ground and beautify the area in “Tent City,” design a handmade guide to native edible plants, act as safety for fire dance shows, and perform in a Commedia dell’Arte piece.

“Often in my life at university there are parts of my self that don’t really get much of a looking,” she said. “At the monastery, every single part of me was being scintillated, like a really happy sea anemone.”

And though she expected to learn about art, she was surprised about the true lesson.

“There is not specifically art in one place,”  she said. “It’s the way you decorate the house, the way you cook meals together, the conversations that you have, it’s everywhere…your life is art, and that’s a revelation.”

Please join the Art Monastery Project in taking a stand to support living life as a work of art. Your tax-deductible donation of $5, $25, $50, $500, or $1500 goes to supporting the creation of world-class art, produced through an inspiring and authentic process that touches the artists, audiences, and volunteers who experience it.

Lizzy is just one of many people whose lives were touched by the Art Monastery in 2011.


Help us continue to inspire in 2012.




Photos by Eric Gray, Cristiano Capponi, Stella Sacdalan, and Catherine Sieck

Copyright © 2011  All rights reserved

Please make checks payable to “Gli Amici dell’Art Monastery” and mail to

Art Monastery

804 South Lincoln Street

Bloomington,  IN  47401





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