The Lion & Consort Moon

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The Lion & Consort Moon

The Lion & Consort Moon

Full Moon  August 1, 2023


I eat I

want yearn linger

for the ones who cannot hear

I desire to be all attention as the sun moves on

as all the day music slows & shifts into mood

for the ones I have been: stuck, busy, hurt, hiding out

may the crickets of dusk be shepherds

may the small return of awareness to here-now

be just so


a delicate balance that never fails

just so the last returning birds to hidden nests

even so the seat under your rump

finding the true word after hours of trying

settle there in that brief peace


and so

will the night emerge again

initiatory rite of untouchable stars?

o, yes, dearest distant love

if we can bear to be ourselves


I drink I

give wish evoke

what might remind me

how like a body of water

this body of water becomes


seeing you listening

to all this moonlight

with each other tempts the sea

to spill over in milky waves

this measureless grace

of divine mother

calling you home


come come, pretty love

come come come!



Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko McCall. “Moon of Love”, 2022. Ink on Yupo, 9.5×9.5″. Available at suiko.art.

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