The Reception: Part III

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But that wasn’t enough! After a moving ceremony, flag throwers and trumpets, stilt-walking, a feast to die for, toasts to sob for, and an accordiOn player on top of all the squids, we wanted more.

Photo by Val

(Okay, we actually didn’t. We would have been content to continue sleeping on mattresses on the floor in front of the fire. But when you are surrounded by such a spectacular collection of people with so much talent, how can you say no to more cherries, more sprinkles, and an extra dollop of whipped cream?) Despite the post-rain chilliness, we regathered in the piazza to dance to American Country Swing performed by the sweet and spicy Jennie Knaggs. Jennie’s performance was punctuated by spontaneous collaborations amongst the other performers in the crowd, amongst them harmonica-player Kevin Burrows, singers Phoebe Jevtovic & Michelle Sargent, and tap dancer Marije Nie!

video by Russ Uman

Video by the CatWhisperer

Photo by SantaFrancesca, recording the CatWhisperer recording Jennie!

Photo by PJ

Fuzzy Hat Wearers Unite!

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