Three Principles Moon

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Three Principles Moon

Three Principles Moon

The new moon is July 28, 2022.


I climb the mountain Haleakala

in a borrowed car

someone else drives

the bell rings me

back to this world

building cushion home

now but away again soon

so for a moment you

you you you you are

alive throughout one dream

of three strong colors avowed

toward grief & a pair of boots

at once yours & his

mine body art thou

if ever there was a chasm

this was it for us, the ancients

were rich beyond measure

like we are, dangled here

upon a honeyed diamond

hung over the volcano

to imagine an urchin

a beetle, a non-human form

to inhabit from space:

whose place should fly land on?

land on three solid



  1. find a good teacher

  2. realize how important
    it is to tame your mind
  1. realize you have what you need


this squishy sound is water

we are praying together

while embodied apart

you in a soda-pop fizz

& I in my double-agent cap

the whole moon & entire

sky laying about for a long

winter’s nap


no one trains their mind alone!



Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko McCall. She Who Moves the Shore2022. Ink on paper, 48×60″


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