Transformational Moon Mind

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Transformational Moon Mind

July 3, 2019
NEW MOON of summer solstice!

Here in the traditional Dawnland of Abenaki Territory, oriented to the north/south flow of the Long (Connecticut) River, Artmonks have been exploring the mysterious nuances of Dark Moon—how to honor this phase of her radiance…

The wind blows, bees swarm & afterswarm, it is a time of arrival at a waystation along the endless journey of your life. Night falls & the fireflies ignite, temperature rises—dimming slightly in the sunset hours. Our bodies possess immaculate intuition that guides us toward the self-aware freedom of quantum emptiness.

In the dark we are invited to grieve & truly honor our own efforts & express
gratitude for the efforts of countless beings throughout the universe. The good is always with us—light & dark are not opposed, they are complementary. The movement of these long days & short dark nights is a time for acknowledging, forgiving & welcoming all that is.

In their remarkable moon calendar, Amara Hollow Bones (amarahollowbones.com) calls this moon the Singing Moon. Their illustration features a handled metal cauldron on a rock fire flaming with effervescent magic… nearby the concentrated being overseeing the ceremony gazes at the leaping stone soup with their gift-bestowing hands showering cosmic blessings downward. It seems the New Moon is for deep listening & wholehearted singing, but not usually for writing new material.

New Moon is a time for renewing your commitment to the everpresent opportunity to love. Each of our efforts to live with heart & dignity, while allowing others to be themselves is a uniquely faceted light of the transformational moon mind. May this rich, starry abundance illumine your particular summer daisies.

As always, we are calling-in Artmonks of like-mind to join us in these every day cosmic endeavors (through long or short term residency, participation in programs, artist residencies or as a worktrader) within this container—the social sculpture of creativity, community & lovingkindness. Please spread the word about the Art Monastery & the practice of the moon & sun.

Let’s continue the great transformation together!

How is it for you?

Text by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall

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