Undefiled Future Moon

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Undefiled Future Moon

Undefiled Future Moon

New Moon March 2, 2022

O homage to blue sky cloaking deep space

Homage to the pacifying breeze, cool or warm

Homage to the restful earth embrace

Homage to the fiery refuge of love


In this language, these concepts

(whatsoever liberates our imagination!)

may infinite compassion appear

to ease the confounding suffering

all migratory beings periodically feel

in this circling swoon, this turbulent dream

of ruined beauty & undefiled wisdom


In the pool of mind

everything appears doubled

once for you & once for you

sun & moon, present infinity


Homage to the future rejoiced!

Green & better than war!

Free & more creative than money!

Vulnerable & tender & brave

all the way down to the heart meat!


Homage to mothers & babies

fathers & things that encourage

Homage to rousing effort

to call in peace, to settle grievance

to reconcile, to sit, to breathe


Homage to the peacemakers!

Homage to being generous!

Homage to talking truthfully!

Homage to honesty!

Homage to acts of everyday love!

Homage to loving the future so much

that being present for this moment

is exactly where we wish to be!


Homage to this precious expanse

Unending gratitude for the horizon of peace

Gratitude for every kindred being

who in their undefiled heart longs

to be safe, to be loved & to be happy

May it be

in our hearts

may it be, may it be

poem by Qayyum Johnson

painting by Suiko McCall. Day 4/100, 2022. Ethical mica and archival white ink on cold press paper, 8×8″. Available at suiko.art.

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