Universal Liberation Moon

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Universal Liberation Moon

Full Moon  July 5, 2020

Universal Liberation Moon


The way:


No one

is free

until all

are free.


Before jumping to the next action

the next necessary thing, the righteous & timely,

before gridding the domino trajectory

of plunder systems failing & falling

& painting in the living manuscript of a new

brilliant mosaic of we-the-people, all-beings—

allow for the weight & discomfort to be.


This is the way in.


There is unsatisfactoriness down deep

& compacted layers of confusion

leavened by vulnerable pockets of molten

separation agony—the choir

of our most-open heart parts choke up

on the swelling pain of so much suffering.


Feeling feelings in our bodies

is how we transform poison

into practical medicine.


Deeply allowing suffering its arc is the way

to welcome everything-more-than-suffering.


The destination is as high & impermanent

as the full moon

as bright

as natural

as clear

as egalitarian.


The moon moons easily—or so it appears.


The way ways itself with our pulse

& participation, all form & non-form essential

to her fertile working.


Dark & light

are not two.


The living, loving tension

of balanced waylight

is the moon’s universe,




Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. Humans Are Not the Only People, 2020. Copper oxide, chestnut skins, and salt on paper, 6×8″. suiko.art

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