Vermilion Flycatcher Moon

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Vermilion Flycatcher Moon

Vermilion Flycatcher Moon

Full Moon  April 26, 2021


Dearest Light On Water, heartmind collector,


You called in a space within emptiness, a body.

And you sighted it & found a name & set it flying.

The spread black fan of mourning doves.

Without your bright mind—

I don’t know, I don’t know.


There is no flower like you in the snow or desert,

no cinnabar lacquered wood bowl

buried before Buddha in China

near a village by a stream called Tenderness—


There is no way to get beyond, really.


Only gaps & knotholes in the time-fence— glimpses,

delirious momentariness like the familiar mockingbird

changes that serenaded us night & day

within the coolness & heat in which we arrived,

all of it—the flashing wishes—near to hand.


Until the nightflowers gift their evanescent lilt

the world’s senses rasp weak, without air-music—


Beloved, you are a garden of unspeakable sensation

a saguaro bloom vibrating bat tones

a cereus calling all the lonely pollinators.


Moonglass, moonmirror, moonwind,

may I give you these shining displays

to make marks upon, to nectar-dust?


May I bowerbird your gaze & praise

you in a bricolage display of birth & death?


May we catch silhouettes ourselves

out in the clear deep open beyond

& settle down by the fire there

colored red as the molten within.



Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. Filling a Silver Bowl with Snow, 2018. Ink on paper, 15×15″. suiko.art

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