VideoBlog: Reflections from the Artmonks-in-Residence

VideoBlog: Reflections from the Artmonks-in-Residence

Dear Artmonks and those who love them,

Thank you again for your support! All these donations and all these beautiful comments really spur us on. Please enjoy (and share) this video, a collection of reflections by the Artmonks on what the Art Monastery is making possible for them this summer. Keep in mind that the footage is from rehearsal and daily life. It’s a bit raw and real.

With just more than $2,000 still to raise, we can do this! Please share this link and invite your friends to join you in your support of the project. We’re doing great work together.

Grazie mille,
*Betsy and all the Artmonks



~2012 Summer Artmonks~

Neva Cockrell – Choreographer
Anaya Cullen – Visual Designer
Charles Darius – Composer
Molly Freedenberg – Community Production Manager
Marko Grunz – Stage Manager
Ryan Hazelbaker – Dancer, Singer, Actor
Andi Hemmenway – Violist
Liz Maxwell – Director
Betsy McCall – Visual Designer
Raphael Sacks – Dancer, Singer, Actor
Emma Sanchez – Food Artist
Christina Vani – Language Artist

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