Voice-Finding Moon

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Voice-Finding Moon
Full Moon, August 3, 2020

Voice-Finding Moon

Too many people in the U.S. support death and destruction without being aware of it. They indirectly support the killing of people without ever having to look at the corpses.
—Assata (“she who struggles”) Olugbala (“for the people”) Shakur (“the thankful one”

In the silence, voice.
In the still, motion.
In the night, illumination.
Now to the currents of courage coursing—
now to rivers of people twining & rising—
now to the shadows shone into with brightness—
Let’s take our cues from photosynthesis
turning the world green again.
Grow curious about your own woundings
& the practical medicine you already possess.
What keeps us tethered to corpses?
What bonfire is all this delusion intended?
Assata taught us, is teaching us:
Sail by the moon, trust the sea,
burn what needs burning, heal thyself.
Find your voice
& sing.

Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. Diamond Thunderbolt, 2018. Sumi ink on paper, 12×9″. Original in a private collection. Prints available at suiko.art.

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