Vow Ceremony 2012

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On January 23, 2012, four Artmonks took a vow to live and practice the following values daily for one year:

  • Gratitude  I vow to practice Gratitude, to be grateful for the gifts in my life and to acknowledge the wealth and abundance that I live in, in so many ways.
  • Resourcefulness  I vow to practice Resourcefulness and the principles of AMAPFALAP (“As Much As Possible From As Little As Possible”). To take only what I need and appreciate the resources available to me, exactly as they are.
  • Fidelity  I vow to practice Fidelity and to be true to myself, each other, and the values of the Art Monastery Project.

As part of the social sculpture experiment of the Art Monastery, these four Artmonks (Betsy McCall, Nathan Rosquist, Liz Maxwell, Charles Darius)  developed these vows together after more than a year of discussion and decided to practice together across the globe these shared intentions. In January 2013, the Artmonks will decide whether to renew these vows, pick new vows, or develop an alternate practice together.

Additionally, the summer 2012 Artmonk community in Italy developed their own vows, which they practiced for the duration of the 90-day summer art monastic laboratory.

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