Vulnerable Strength Moon

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Vulnerable Strength Moon

Vulnerable Strength Moon

New Moon  July 9, 2021


I go into the world feeling

with my senses for ground

listen to my feet

to the tenderness of grass

the open gift of a canopy

unselfconsciously extended

into boundlessness

& it’s not an idea

this boundary-free infinite

space not a concept

but a vibrancy, a canvas

a non-localized star

that done burst before

& shines at many points now

this feeling is a scent, a song, a taste

a re-ranging of rectilinear tension

a softer vision of ideas

a blurring together

of breath & awareness

a call & response

an uncrowded tango with multiplicity

a heartbeat of clover

the surrounding ISness

of new-ancient horizon right now

when I walk with my conceptual heart

broken & concordant with summer stream sound

hiss of wood releasing mist in fire

the river pulse of insects

the frogs all soft & unafraid

half-in & half-out

like strawberries

with their futures exposed

shining in sweetness & strength

of incorruptible resilience

my dream of naturalness

tendril’d in their finding green fingers

merged in fivefold petals

permeate in gratitude

for the chance

to be



Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. The Meaning is not in the Words, 2018. Ink on paper, 11×7.5″

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