War Is Over (If We Want It) Moon

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War Is Over (If We Want It) Moon

War Is Over (If We Want It) Moon

Full Moon  April 23, 2024

This morning I sit in the incense

Of jasmine & marvel at the intersection

Where we meet—how wild the body

The earth, the mind, the twining solar field

How wild the scent of spring water under willow

And open—how open to each other, how porous

Yes—wild, porous, bright and synchronous—a dream

Where a drop of red ink blooms near a drop

Of blue—

Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall. Practice for Life as well as for Death, Lojong series, 2022. Ink on yupo, 12×9″. Original and prints available at suikoart.com.

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