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Dance-Theater from NYC and Italy.

After a beautiful experience performing in Boulder and Denver this past winter, the tour continues!

In the last 3 years, “Prime” toured over 50 performances across Italy, Belgium, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai and New York City.

“Prime” is a co-production of The Art Monastery Project (based in San Francisco and Italy) and Loom Ensemble (based in NYC and Dubai).

A two person performance created by an ensemble of 10 artists, born out of the intersection of contemplative practice, communal living, and collaborative theatermaking.

It’s a story about relationships and communication, wound around the theme of dawn, full of dream imagery and symbolism inspired by the elements.

To book a performance of Prime in your theater, or with any questions, please contact Caramanico@ArtMonastery.org or LoomEnsemble@gmail.com




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