Film: Live Your Power

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Film: Live Your Power

How do other people deal with the challenges in their lives?

How have they managed to do something they didn’t dare to do before?

Let yourself be touched by the stories of courageous, vulnerable, strong and thoroughly alive people from all over the world.

Youtube Playlist with empowering life stories from all over the world 

About the Film

We all have power – within us!

The European project Hosting Empowerment has gathered stories that shine a light on what empowers us. We asked people across the globe:

“What do you dare now that you didn’t before? What made the difference?”

This channel and playlist are the answers. And they keep coming in.

We believe that we can empower each other with our stories and are looking for more.

You can be a part of this movement!

Record your own story here.

We invite you to watch the videos here and leave a comment about how they touched you.

Learn more about empowerment, the project and its outputs here:


About the team that created the film

What is “Hosting Empowerment” all about?

As a partnership of seven organizations from 6 different European countries, how can we as hosts (e.g. facilitators, teachers, social workers or leaders) create ideal conditions that promote courage, self-confidence and self-efficacy? How can we empower ourselves and those we work with?

From 2020-2023 we developed concrete methods, tools and materials that strengthen people in difficult situations and those who care for them.

Our “Intellectual Outputs”

To learn more about these free products, follow the links: Guidebook for Facilitators, self-empowerment app, methodological database toolbox, and empowerment workbook.

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