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awaken your senses

liberate your imagination

find creative flow

Meditation & Drawing

4 sessions with Founder & Abbess Suiko

This class has ended. To be notified of the next time we offer it, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Mindfulness holds the potential to transform your life & your creativity:

– awakening your senses;

– deepening your relationships;

– relieving stress & suffering;

– and kindling joy, peace, & creativity.

Join Art Monastery Founder & Abbess Suiko McCall for a four-week series that explores aspects of Mindfulness meditation and applies them to abstract drawing.

You’ll walk away with

  • lower stress levels, increased focus, and more access to creative flow
  • an experiential & personal understanding of how to apply mindfulness in your life and in your creative practice
  • the foundations for a daily meditation practice (even if you’re really busy)
  • techniques for meditative drawing that free up the heart & mind
  • recordings of the classes & guided meditations
detail from a painting by Suiko

4-class SERIES

September 7, 14, 21, 28

5 to 6:30pm PT (8-9:30pm ET)

sliding scale $45 / $75 / $125

Drop-ins $15-25

Truly, no one turned away for lack of funds.

We will explore the major themes of mindfulness:

Week 1: What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness of the Breath & Tracing the Breath (pencil)

Week 2: The Constant Companion & Teacher: Mindfulness of the Body & Tracing Sensations (colored pencils or pens)

Week 3: The Internal Landscape: Mindfulness of Emotions & Channeling Emotion into Gesture (watercolor or ink & brush)

Week 4: The Wise Heart: Self-Forgiveness & Repetitive Markmaking (pens or fine-tip markers)

What have previous participants said about this class?

Suiko’s art meditations are suuuuper powerful. After the first time being led by her in Artmonk Practice, I felt the power of her gift as an artist and teacher. I cried and processed on a level not always available in my other methods of meditation. Plus art is such a deep source of intimate connection with ourselves, God, and each other.

—Jessica A.

Suiko has the incredibly rare ability to translate the creative process into usable, understandable pieces of information. I don’t even know how that’s actually possible — but she does it.

—Mary S.

The combination of meditation, direct experience, and some discussion of technique has really landed for me. The mindfulness/meditation I have been working on for a few years now is really amplified through the work we are sharing and providing me with insights that I have not experienced before. Thanks so much. I hope there are more of these workshops going forward.

—Bill M. 

Thank you dear Teacher Suiko for these intimate, invaluable sessions and the ease with which you present them and guide us in creating from authentic, present experience. 

— Geneve J.

Do I need to be a professional artist to take this class?

Absolutely not!
This is fundamentally a class about mindfulness and we will make the connections to all forms of creativity.

Do I need to be a visual artist to take this class?

The drawing portion of class will be a guided experience to apply the theory of applying mindfulness to actual creative practice. You could choose to draw, paint, make music, dance, or any other creative application you feel called to for that practice.

Do I need to be an experienced meditator to take this class?

Not at all!
This course is structured as an introduction to mindfulness and was designed with beginners in mind. If you have some experience with mindfulness, this course can deepen your practice and make the bridge with your creativity.


  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Paper (sketchbook or simple paper)
  • colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels, markers, pens, or any colorful drawing material
  • watercolors, inks, or another liquid medium

Feel free to have all your artmaking materials handy. Then you may choose to start with pencil and once you understand the day’s practice, you can branch out to other materials.


5-5:15pm PT – Opening, Checking in, Teachings & Reflections on the theme

5:15-5:35pm – Guided Meditation

5:35-6:10pm – Guided Drawing

6:10-6:30pm – Group sharing & reflections, Q&A


The sliding scale donation is really about you making a commitment to be a part of the course.

What amount would feel really good for you to give and keep you accountable to showing up?

If you feel called to be a part of this class, I want you there!

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