“I just don’t have the time!”

How many times have you said that about your art-making?

Even with all of the best intentions and new fangled time management techniques
(not to mention the fancy notebooks and gel pens that go with them!),
you can not seem to find time to sit down and make your art.

Of course, it’s totally understandable. We live in an ever-accelerating world.

But, your creative expression is what makes you who you are.

When you don’t make your art, there’s some part of you that’s less alive.

Unused creativity is not benign.
It metastasizes.
It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame.

—Brené Brown

That’s not okay.

We were not put on this earth to speed from our jobs, to driving our kids to soccer, to taking care of our aging parents or ailing spouse, only to fall into bed each night, exhausted and unexpressed.

The problem is, most time management systems are 

  • Impossible to maintain
  • Don’t take into account the creative mind
  • Are fundamentally flawed in that they don’t respond to reality


The Three Secrets to
Living the Consistently Creative Life

It’s more than time management for artists.

It’s the key to living the creative life, consistently.

You must find a way
to make your art
within your actual life.

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Get crystal clear on what you really want to do with your time
  • Grok the fundamental perspective shift around time that all creatives need to make
  • Understand how to create time for your creative project or practice (without getting up at 5am)
  • Learn how to protect that time once you find it
  • Discover the roadmap for showing up consistently
  • Learn the secret to doing it all
  • Understand the unsung super power that makes time freedom possible
  • Walk away with an armload of practical tools

Between parenting two young children and my full-time job, I feared I would lose my life as an artist. But Suiko’s course set me up for a lifetime practice of creative connection with my young daughter: Suiko’s nurturing support enabled me to fit a satisfying creative practice into the challenges of parenthood, linking it with my child’s creative journey, and building a bridge of connection that I believe will be powerful throughout all her developmental phases.”

— Kasaia Luckel, Landscape Architect, Berkeley, CA

For me, showing up everyday is a way of making a space to listen to the most tender parts of myself. The nonverbal creative part knows that we’re going to sit down and give it attention. It’s self-respect, self-acknowledgement. This part that is beckoning, asking, the creative, the imaginary, vibrant, passionate — all of this stuff is no longer being told “No, we don’t have time for that.”

Claire Daugherty, Mathematician, Salt Lake City, UT

You’re the Marie Forleo of the art world! Your content is that good. I love both the depth of the teaching and the nuts & bolts practical tools I can start using right away.

Alysia Thaxton, Consultant, Washington DC

Hi! I’m Suiko.

I’m a bit of a time management junkie. I love researching tips, tricks, and systems for elegant ways to make this life more spacious, more meaningful, and more full of handmade beauty!

This passion I have for tips, tricks, and paradigm shifts helped me graduate with honors from Yale and San Francisco Art Institute, publish multiple books, found & run organizations like the Art Monastery (the international non-profit I founded in 2007) & the International Partnership for Transformative Learning, teaching & coaching (see my credentials above), showing my artwork (super-detailed abstract painting) worldwide…

Fundamentally, I’m greedy.

I want to make art every day! 

In addition to all my morning practices and playing with my dog.

[Okay, I don’t have a dog, but I want one. My beloved partner isn’t sold on this idea… but I can be persuasive. 😉 ]

The point is, there’s a lot of life to live!

The problem is, most time management systems are 

  • Impossible to maintain
  • Don’t take into account the creative mind
  • Are fundamentally flawed in that they don’t respond to life as it expands

You just need the tools and the perspective shifts to make it possible.

I am jumping up & down to give you those tools!

Join me on

Tuesday, July 16

10-11:30am PDT / 1-2:30pm EDT / 7pm CEST