Principle US-based Art Monastery performance activities and artist residency program are now primarily in Los Angeles, the aRt & D Labs, in collaboration with The Alchemy.

In Europe, we are planning further Artmonk Retreats and are currently accepting applications for 2015 Summer Art Monastery Laboratory, from August 9 through October 5, 2015, in a former monastery, in the mountainsides of Caramanico, Abruzzo.

Can’t take off for two months? Consider the Art Monastery Vacation Getaway from August 1 through 9.

The Art Monastery wishes to support Artmonks wherever you are in the world and are building a sustainability network and are maintaining relationships with the likeminded individuals and communities, such as the International Partnership for Transformative Learning (we are sending a delegation to the Changemakers Festival in Calabria, September 20-25, 2015) and forging new connections.

We welcome your questions, proposals, and tax-deductible donations.

We would love to hear from you, whether you have ideas on what should come next, opportunities we should know about, or memories from Italy to share! Please direct all email inquiries to info@artmonastery.org.

You can also sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming residency programs, retreats, events, and ways to get more deeply involved with the worldwide Artmonk community.