Directions Practice

Directions Practice is a series of movements coupled with visualization and offered to the public as a social sculpture, a participatory act of balancing and connecting.
Directions Practice was developed by Neva Cockrell and Suiko Betsy McCall, inspired by Tai Chi forms and the Cherokee prayer dance called the Dance of the Directions that we learned from lineage holders Kanada Gorli, Joel Levey, and Michelle Levey.

The practice consists of doing a series of movements in repetition, facing each cardinal direction in turn, and moving through the full cycle 3 times (or more). The full sequence takes about 15 minutes.

You can watch the 6-minute instructional video to get a feel for the movements and then download the audio version, which is pared down to just describing the movements. (The idea with the audio is that you can play the audio file on repeat for guidance as you rotate through each of the directions.)

Video by Suiko McCall with support from Keith Lim, Academy for Visionautics, plenum,
Sendzimir Foundation, and generous support from Erasmus+.

Directions Practice written instructions



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