Si Quis Sitit

In a small town in Abruzzo, Italy, 17 artists from the United States, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia gathered for two months to live together as Artmonks, practicing meditation, training as artists, and creating this new dance-theater performance.

"Si Quis Sitit" was developed with an ensemble of six high-energy actor-dancers, plus two outstanding musicians creating live music for the show. It is the story of one woman’s struggle to heal from sickness, as her small village struggles with the balance of adapting to the modern world while honoring its traditions and cultural heritage. How will she heal? How do dynamics of power and oppression affect her ability to come into her full health and power? In this dynamic piece, we explore themes of wellness, oppression, ancient and modern healing medicine, and family.

Neva Cockrell

Jordan Aragon
Kate Hamilton
Keith Lim
Rachael Richman
Raphael Sacks
Arturo Soria

Lizzy Laurence
Jahon Mikal
Cristina Orbe
Jenny Posnak

Visual Designer
Betsy McCall

Assistant Visual Designer
Elijah Lee

Stage Manager
Christine Moynihan

Lighting & Graphic Design
Antonio Stella



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