Hosting Empowerment

Facilitating a group? Looking for inspiration? Connect with the methodologies of the Art Monastery online, as well as other Transformation Hosts, through this free searchable database of tools for fostering empowerment and creativity.

Whether you are a teacher, coach, facilitator, social activist, workshop leader, manager, team leader, or organizer of any sort, we hope you’ll find something that makes your process easier, deeper, or just plain better. Search by a variety of filters, including type (energizers, closing ceremonies, conflict resolution, decision making, etc.), group size, time, experience level, and more.

Have a great technique that supports creative thinking or community building? You can add your methods as well! Just make an account (it’s quick and free).

This database has been co-created by the work of many organizations throughout Europe and beyond. From 2020 to 2023, the EU-funded partnership called Hosting Empowerment had a huge impact on the database, adding an entire toolbox of methods aimed at empowerment. This toolbox goes hand in hand with Hosting Social Innovation’s “Live Your Dream” Workbook, as well as Hosting Empowerment’s “Live Your Power” Workbook, Empowerment: A Guide for Facilitators, a film, and an app. The images below are samples of the Art Monastery Project’s contribution to the full database. Try it out, and let us know what you think. We want to hear from you!

About the team that created the database

What is “Hosting Empowerment” all about?

As a partnership of seven organizations from 6 different European countries, how can we as hosts (e.g. facilitators, teachers, social workers or leaders) create ideal conditions that promote courage, self-confidence and self-efficacy? How can we empower ourselves and those we work with?

From 2020-2023 we developed concrete methods, tools and materials that strengthen people in difficult situations and those who care for them.

Our “Intellectual Outputs”

To learn more about these free products, follow the links to the self-empowerment app, methodological database toolbox, empowerment workbook, and film campaign.