Bridging Art & Spiritual Practice

Connect with your heart

Connect with your art

with Artist / Founder / Abbess of the Art Monastery Suiko Betsy McCall in Portugal.


In this weekend workshop you will learn to

  • bridge your creative making with your spiritual practice,
  • meditate while engaging in various forms of creative expression, and
  • befriend your Inner Critic. 

“Suiko’s enthusiasm, thoughtful insight, glowing personality, willingness to flow, and gentle leadership are the what made this class amazing for me.”

—Sherri M


“Suiko is recreating the dharmasphere and inviting the Divine Jester to be part of the inquiry. There have been too many centuries of denial, seclusion, and a denigration of the muse. By bringing the arts and dharma together she is validating two fundamental aspects of people.”  

—Kasha B.

Register at Release Embodied Arts

April 15&16

10am – 5:30pm both days

Centro Upaya

Lisboa, Portugal

The workshop will be conducted in English.