As social distancing continues,

this program is being transformed into a

Quarantine Social Sculpture.

More information coming soon! If you would like to be notified when more information is available, please send an email to info@artmonastery.org.

“I have come back to my life with so much from your retreat… Obviously, it occurred in the garden and in the kitchen. It occurred while hugging the Big Body and running through the woods. It occurred while meditating together in the mornings, while pooping into peat moss, while experiencing Raff’s performance, and while singing, singing, singing! There was space to open my mind to the work, and with that space I spent the rest of the summer working and chewing. And the pieces finally did come to fruition.”

—Dan Warner

Artist Residencies


This residency program is designed to offer you just enough structure to take your creative project to the next level.

We offer:

  • daily contemplative practice & singing —Members of the Core Team are happy to offer meditation instruction. Just mention it and we’ll arrange it.
  • optional movement practice
  • three lovingly prepared meals, made as much as possible with local, organic responsible ingredients
  • a supportive and intimate community
  • the opportunity to share your work and receive feedback from other artists
  • shared studio space
  • maximum solo time to work on your project

The retreat is set on 7 acres of land overlooking the Connecticut River. There will be plenty of outdoor spaces for moving, creating sound, or finding inspiration in nature.

We find that perhaps the greatest gift the Art Monastery has to offer is the opportunity to make art within the container of a contemplative community. We find it extremely effective to build community through the spirit of the gift. As such, everyone who comes to the Art Monastery spends one hour each day in the kitchen either helping to prepare or clean up after a meal. Rubbing elbows at the kitchen sink and while chopping vegetables from our garden give rise to some of the sweetest conversations. Thank you for participating in our heartfelt community!

Sample Weekday Schedule

7:30am — silent breakfast
8:15am — meditation & singing
9am-12:30pm — creative time / personal time
12:30-1:30pm — lunch with personal check-in
2-7pm — creative time / personal time
Dinner self-organized on your own rhythm
Artshares scheduled as requested.


Open Schedule


We are offering one-week residencies on the following dates.

Arrivals and departures are on Saturdays.



*(We believe everyone is an artist.)



Whether you are in your creative stride or rejuvenating your creative path, this week offers you the opportunity to develop your work within a contemplative container and, with the support of an intimate like-minded community of creatives, accomplish more than you thought possible.

The Art Monastery hosts visiting artists of all disciplines. Work spaces are available for soundmaking and for quiet, for visual art and dance/theater movement, in addition to the excellent outdoor landscape of our Vermont location.

Artistic feedback and contemplative support is available in one-on-one meetings with the Core Team, as well as group shares at the end of the week.


Art Monastery Vermont, 2315 Connecticut River Road, Springfield, VT.

A truly special 7-acre farm on the banks of the Connecticut River, conveniently located right on Routes 5 & 143, we will live in the 8-bedroom farmhouse.


Sleep in a shared room, work in shared studio space. Upgrade to a private sleeping space with a desk (according to availability) for an additional $100.

For information on how to arrive, visit our Directions page.


To Register

Rolling deadlines, preferably two weeks before you’d like to arrive, but we’re open to last minute stays.

Fill out the application below.

  • pay in full or
  • $150 deposit to secure your place in the retreat (non-refundable)
    • balance due before the residency begins

For information on what to bring, please visit our packing list page.

For information on how to arrive, visit our Directions page.

Sliding Scale


These rates include three delicious meals per day and housing in a shared bedroom.

More on Rates & Discounts...

$1000 PROFESSIONAL RATE  for those living comfortably. The Professional Rate also helps us offer lower prices to those who could not otherwise afford to attend.

$800 FULL RATE for those with a regular income, making ends meet. The Full Rate covers the range of operational costs associated with offering Art Monastery retreats.

$600 SUBSIDIZED RATE for those with an income low enough that making ends meet is a challenge.

These rates include three delicious meals per day and housing in a shared bedroom.

We offer a $50 discount if you choose to sleep in a tent. You may upgrade to a solo room for an additional $100. Solo rooms also have a writing desk or table.


Early Bird Discount

Enjoy a $75 discount when you register and pay in full six weeks before your arrival.

Retreat+Residency Combo Discount

Enjoy $75 discount when you come for any two consecutive weeklong programs.

May 23-June 6 – Artist Residency + Artmonk Retreat

May 30-June 12 – Artmonk Retreat + Silent Art Residency

June 6-20 – Silent Art Residency + Embodied Artist

June 14-29 – Embodied Artist + Artist Residency

For more information or to register for the above listed combinations, please visit the Combo page.

To register for two or more artist residency weeks that do not overlap the Artmonk Retreat, Silent Art Residency, or the Embodied Artist, enter the code 2RES75 at check out for your $75 discount.

Bring a Friend Discount

Enjoy $50 discount for you and a friend when you sign up together (at least one of you must be new to the Art Monastery). Enter discount code FRIEND50 when checking out.

Camping Discount

Enjoy $50 discount for you sleep in a tent. (We have 2 tents available. If you’d like to borrow one of ours, please let us know so that we can reserve it for you. Our tents are available first-come-first-served.)

You may combine the Retreat+Residency, Early Bird, Bring-a-Friend, and Camping discounts for a total of $250 off whatever level of the sliding scale you choose.

It is important to us that no one be turned away for lack of funds. 

Please contact us for information about worktrade scholarships if this cost is prohibitive. 

For information on what to bring, please visit our packing list page.

For information on how to arrive, visit our Directions page.