Let’s begin the year with



and our hands touching the earth.

Join Founder & Abbess Suiko McCall in this extremely accessible 2-hour online workshop.

You’ll create your own altar to the New Year right where you are, indoors or outdoors.




New Year’s Earth Altars

with Founder & Abbess Suiko

Saturday January 7

11am-1pm PST (2-4pm EST)

via Zoom

sliding scale $40 / $75 / $108

Truly, no one turned away for lack of funds.


This workshop is a ritual that approaches the natural world as a source of wisdom, a sort of sacred text in itself, and provides a structure that guides us to slow down and tune into the natural world.

This experience follows the Way of the Artmonk:

  • AttuneStill the bodymind. Allow connection with the source to arise (whatever that source may be).
  • WelcomeReceive everything that comes. No judgement. Amass material.
  • RespondApply the appropriate tool. Reflect and refine.
  • OfferShare the work. Connect with the world.

We will gather materials as part of the workshop, so there’s nothing you need to do ahead of time. Of course, if you are inspired to gather materials ahead of time, please do!


Suiko worked closely with artist Day Schildkret and is a certified Morning Altars Teacher.






Altars by past participants



  • gathering receptacles of various sizes: baskets, tote bags, small plastic bags
  • clippers or scissors (optional)
  • all-weather gear depending on your location: raincoat, sunhat, warm clothes
  • camera or cell phone to take pictures



Please email suiko@artmonastery.org!