Sewing Production Internship
The sewing production internship is a focused production sewing internship within the container of the contemplative creative community of the Art Monastery.

For whom?

This internship is for

  • people with intermediate production sewing experience as a base to grow from or
  • accomplished home sewers who would like to make the transition into production sewing.

Production sewing experience preferred, sewing experience required.

August 15th – October 15th, length of internship variable
The time commitment is a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 2 months.

Tasks will range in scope and vary depending on experience. The experience will depend on what projects we have going on at the time but is likely to include patterning, draping, cutting,  fitting, finishing, ironing, steaming, lots of laundry and special fabric dyeing project on occasion. Our sewing shop produces a range of deliverables from costumes for devised theatre and dance performances, to larger scale sewing and dyeing projects for installation. We also work a lot on the basics and that is the focus of this internship.  Sample sewing build projects include: meditation cushions or zafus, curtains, furniture covers, tablecloths, napkins and other home goods. As a production intern here you will have a chance to work on a range of projects that fit your current skill set and also have a chance to reach for challenges outside your current skill set to grow your own production sewing toolbox. We are looking for versatility in our interns, the ability to work in varying capacities, and a “yes” approach! We are all crew, no passengers at the Art Monastery Project!


  • Sewing 5 hours a day, 5-6 days a week – We appreciate a willingness to work long days and flexible schedule when we’re meeting deadlines.
  • 1-2 hours/day of meal prep or meal clean – One of the sweet ways of knitting our community together is that there are no divas at the Art Monastery! Everyone participates in cooking and cleaning for and with each other.
  • 1 -2 days off a week depending on the density of production




What makes this experience especially rich? Creativity, Contemplation, Community!

This position is ideal for a creative contemplative type with previous production sewing experience who wants to dive into the intersection of creativity, contemplation, and community together with us in rural Vermont! Sewing interns will be invited to participate in our community schedule. Our day begins with communal silent breakfast (usually at 7:30 AM), we then meditate together for 30 min followed by a few minutes of chant and singing (no singing experience necessary), followed by 60-90 of physical training together in our barn-turned-movement-studio. This is usually led by Neva Cockrell, one of Core Team Members, and founder of Catalyst Training Method. She cultivates a fun, supportive,  judgement-free environment really taking into account participants’ physical uniquenesses. Sometimes Raphael Sacks, Core Team Member and experienced certified yoga teacher leads yoga. He is similarly amazing. Moving with these two is of wonderful benefit to all.  We also have days of community-led movement–so there is a space for sharing and offering here.


In traditional monetary terms, this is an unpaid internship.

Food and Housing
We offer housing and all meals (including snacks, coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.) for the duration of the internship. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available. Flexibility with housing and willingness to camp on occasion are deeply appreciated!

Travel & Access
Interns are responsible for their own travel costs to get to Springfield, Vermont. We are easily accessed from NYC, Boston, and Montreal via public transport and are happy to pick up at our local stations.


If you are interested in this sewing internship, please send the following items to anaya@artmonsatery.org.

  1. Letter of Interest –  Please explain your interest in being a production sewing intern with the Art Monastery Project, including
    • details of your sewing experience, especially any production sewing experience,
    • a description of any previous experience with community living, and
    • a description of any previous experience with spiritual practice.
  2. Resume
  3. Images – Include 6-12 jpegs of any recent sewing builds or relevant projects that you’d like to share. Detail shots appreciated.
  4. Three professional references – These do not all have to be sewing references, however at least one needs to be a sewing reference. Please contact your references ahead of using them on your application as they will each be contacted.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions! Please write to Anaya at anaya@artmonastery.org

We look forward to your application!