Join the Worktrade Team

Preparation Season May 5-June 15

Hosting Season June 24-August 18 

Join the Artmonk team as we wake up the land and prepare for hosting season. We will be finishing up our renovation project on the oldest part of the house (which used to be a general store in the early 1800s), planting the garden, and preparing outdoor and indoor spaces for summer programming.

In addition to all these awesome projects, we will

  • practice meditation and chant together each morning,
  • indulge in delicious meals from our garden & neighbors’ farms every day,
  • swim in the river,
  • enjoy evening campfires,
  • honor the full moon with ceremonies, and
  • gather for occasional artshares.

The Work

Worktrade tasks vary according to our needs and your skills. These tasks will likely center around kitchen/food systems, garden/landscaping, and household tasks like cleaning. It is possible that you may have the opportunity to help in the areas of carpentry/renovation, sign-making, admin, graphic design, and hospitality.

During Hosting Season (June 24-August 18), worktraders have the opportunity to be part of the hosting team during programs. This means you participate in the programs as much as possible (including practicing silence during silent programs), while also attending behind-the-scenes meetings and supporting the other participants. The schedule is very full and the experience tends to be rich and intimate.


We are deeply grateful for your labor, heartfelt enthusiasm and good humor! Thank you for considering this gift of yourself to strengthen and expand the foundation of the Art Monastery. Your help makes the offerings of the Art Monastery available to more people.

We gladly offer

    • space for your tent (We have some tents and tent platforms available on a first-come, first-served basis. When space allows, you are welcome to a shared bedroom in the house.)
      • three lovingly prepared meals per day, endless snacks, coffee and alcohol (no alcohol during the Artmonk Retreat); and
    • access to landline telephone and high-speed wifi.

Worktraders work 5 hours/day, 5.5 days/week.

You pitch in $20/night toward expenses.

Come for longer and save: $70/week

We are committed to keeping the Art Monastery accessible to those who want to come. The Worktrade program is already subsidized (it costs us more than $70/week to have people here), but if this cash payment is a hardship for you, please let us know. We would love for you to be here if it is what your heart is calling for.

We look forward to welcoming you into being an active part of our loving community.