“Knowing how to communicate will set us free.”

Accademia-rinascimento-logoL’Accademia del Rinascimento Mediterraneo (Academy of the Mediterranean Renaissance) is a community of rejuvenating transition that is facilitating the New Renaissance. This awakening is both interior and collective, and will indicate the way for communal happiness and authenticity of human relations, relationship with nature, place, economy/business, arts, and craftsmanship.


“We are near to a changing of the ages. We are in the midst of transformation, of transition. We gather together and nurture the signals of this that have existed for many years. We monitor the talents, dreams, perceptions, opinions, and relations. Now, we are certain, we are undergoing a powerful convergence of human energies that is starting a New Renaissance, a new era founded on a new kind of humanity.”


L’Accademia generates thoughts, suggestions, individual and collective actions. The Academy is not a place or a container, but a transitory community – a motion, a thought that perpetuates itself throughout human kind. By harvesting together these energies, the hope is that humanity will rediscover a new perspective and observe the world near and far with a sense of the beauty and equality that is possible everywhere.

The primary activities of the Academy are study and research, education, conversations, creative workshops, designing investment strategies, cultural initiatives, economic initiatives, and increasing cultural, social, economic, and political influence.


Manifesto of Values

First principle: Rebirth

None of us can be an agent of the Renaissance that we dreaming, unless s/he has first experience an interior renaissance.

Second principle: Communicate in order to Build

Knowing how to communicate will set us free. It makes it possible to conceive and co-create a better future and a better world.

Third principle: Work Together; Cooperative Energy

Humanity today can evolve to the extent that we have learned the dynamics of cooperation.

Fourth principle: Create

Creativity and innovation are inspired by new concepts of beauty as expressions of sustainability, communal well-being, harmony with the natural life and links to the earth.

Fifth principle: Craftsmanship, Talent, and Genuine Vocation

Arts of the South and Mediterranean region rise from work and elevated thought.

Sixth principle: In the Natural Time

The right balance between individual time and natural time is the basis to release a new paradigm and follow a new concept of social time.

Seventh principle: Life in Public Places

Happiness and true freedom are reborn in sharing the beauty of public spaces.

Eighth principle: Education

Master and disciple regenerate knowledge, sharing experience and exploration, knowledge and vision, and tradition and innovation. 

Ninth principle: The Natural Economy

Economy and ecology are two sides of the same coin. The only possible economy is natural, real, and living.

Tenth principle: Authentic and Collective Business

Companies, products, and entrepreneurs will have credibility and a vibrant future if they are planted in genuinely in the soil of the culture.

Eleventh principle: Collective Charisma

The New Renaissance is characterized by new forms of leadership and guidance and new arts of governance.

Twelfth principle: Authenticity, Ethics, and Beauty of the Soul

Authenticity, ethics, and beauty flow from an authentic spirit. The soul is authentic when it is free to reconnect to everything. 

Stefano Petrucci, Presidente dell’Accademia          Read more on their website: www.accademierinascimentomediterraneo.net



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