The First Robot Was a Monk*

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Check out Radiolab’s fascinating piece on the miraculous sixteenth-century creation of a clockwork automaton of a Franciscan. *Actually, this monk robot is but an “early and very rare example of a self-acting automaton.” Please excuse the hyperbole.  

Peter Zumthor is an artmonk (don’t tell him, though)

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Two things to notice in this Guardian profile of artmonkish architect Peter Zumthor: 1) what it takes to be called a monk by the architecture world, and 2) that it’s an insult, synonymous with “otherworldly” and “arrogant.” You would be wise not to call Peter Zumthor a monk. He may be white-bearded and dark-clad and […]

Alan Wallace on DharmaCafe.com: Renunciation as Emergence Out of X and Towards Y

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In this excellent interview from dharmacafe.com (via @c4chaos), Alan Wallace says that what often gets translated from Buddhist texts as “renunciation” is something closer to “emergence,” as in when we emerge from childish strategies that don’t work toward something more authentic and fulfilling. It’s more than a radical disillusionment, like Sartre or Camus… They’re renouncing something, […]

The force of gravity

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A new job and a series of events more art than monk have kept me from posting much here lately. There will be time soon, I hope, for more of the interviews, reviews, articles, and other things that give modest life to this project. For now, something from Jerzy Grotowski, whose work attracts me more […]

NY man sues Minn. monastery, alleging clergy abuse – WSJ.com

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  ST. PAUL, Minn. — A New York man filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that he was sexually abused at a Bronx church in the 1960s by a priest who went on to become abbot of a Minnesota monastery and helped found an institute to deal with the problem of clergy sexual abuse. via NY […]

Coming soon: “The Artists Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom”

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From the author of the Monk Manifesto, Christine Valters Paintner. Pre-order yours today. Amazon.com: The Artists Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom 9781933495293: Christine Valters Paintner: Books  

Monks for life? « Madhushala

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Madhushala asks about the length and permanence of monastic vows in different traditions, and gets some interesting responses: Monks for life? There was a discussion on Twitter recently about the topic of monks disrobing. It is commonly thought that once monastic vows are taken they are for life. I did not think this was so as pretty […]

SHARE San Francisco

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I’ll be here next weekend (May 7): SHARE San Francisco, Saturday, May 7th, Hub SoMa SHARE San Francisco is convening local leaders on Saturday May 7th for a day of connection, conversation, and action to strengthen the Bay Area as a platform for sharing. Why SHARE SF? Cities promise broad access to the resources citizens […]

5/5/11 in Berkeley: “Artmonk Sangha: the Bay Area’s Ritual Laboratory for Artmonks”

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Based on practices that we have been developing at the January 2010 & 2011 Artmonk Retreats in the Mojave Desert, these weekly (or semi-weekly) meetups will provide an opportunity for anyone in the Bay Area who is interested to explore the path of the artmonk. DEFINITIONS: “Artmonk”: someone who dwells (alone or in community) at […]

Seeking iPad app developer for Touchsight

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I’m looking for a partner who can help me make this idea a reality. If someone is willing to do the bulk of the coding, I’m happy to give them the bulk of the profit (should there be any!). The rest will go to making another dream happen. Contact nathan@artmonastery.org [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnQMdoipus8]